What Is WordPress? How To Make Money With WordPress?

WordPress, one of the most used blog systems in the world, is open source and free. Nowadays many websites are WordPress based and can be said to be much easier to use.

With WordPress you can set up and publish your website in a very short time and start sharing your content.

Since it is an open source software infrastructure, those who want to contribute from all over the world can contribute. It’s getting better every day because it’s being supported and developed by a large community.

Is WordPress Paid For?

As mentioned above, an open source and free system. A structure that improves itself with constant updates, which you may prefer to set up a Blog or website.

WordPress e-commerce theme examples

It’s hard to choose from thousands of e-commerce themes that you want for a ready – made, professional e-commerce site encoded on WordPress, with all sorts of features in it. But if you want to set up an e-commerce site you can do it as easily and quickly by opening a WordPress-based e-commerce site.

What is the most important point to consider in choosing WordPress e-commerce theme? Let’s all think about it together. When you’re thinking about thousands of e-commerce themes, which are more useful, you may suddenly find yourself choosing the most beautiful visually. Yes, visual is an important point, but are the specifications sufficient? Will it be able to afford everything you need?

The speed of your website is the most important point. In fact, to explain with an example from Amazon, even a 100-millimeter speed increase leads to a 1% increase in turnover. So much so that in a situation where even seconds are valuable, the potential to affect your income is very high. Setting off with a visually flawless yet slow e-commerce site can cost you thousands of pounds even at the beginning. Second, the most important point to note is that it is SEO compatible. When you make a choice by paying attention to these two features, you will find that you have made a much more accurate choice.

Nielsen e-commerce WordPress theme is a truly user-oriented e-commerce theme with multiple concept layouts and many advanced features to enhance store design. If your product category and number is greater, we recommend this theme. Let’s not forget that WordPress is the most used e-commerce theme in the world and that they also gift many paid plug-ins.

One of the themes we can recommend as a good example of SEO and speed is Ecommerce.If you look at it in detail, you’ll agree.

Another prominent theme is emaxstore. eMaxStore is a beautifully designed e-commerce theme that can serve many purposes. It can help you showcase your products and achieve more sales, and also includes a beautifully designed blog that means it can be a standalone blog or part of a large e-commerce website.

Speaking of WordPress, we also want to provide you with information about its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of WordPress

It is very preferred because it has an easy installation infrastructure. You can easily follow the steps necessary for installation by watching video. What other advantages do they have if we list them as ingredients:

Variety Of Themes

The best way to catch up with the evolving and changing technology today is to keep up with the changes. You can do this easily through WordPress. When you want to innovate your site, you can easily transfer the information of your old website to your new website.

Add-Ons To Be More

These add-ons are not only in the design sense; they are very useful for security, spam blocking, SEO, the number of visitors to your site and how long they stay.

The Control Panel Is Very Comfortable To Use

When you want to make an arrangement with the management panel, you can manage content, add visuals, edit forms and various adjustments in a very short time.

Offering A Quality Look

It offers a structure that takes you to the top level in a design sense. This is why your site looks good.


This allows you to perform updates for free.

We can talk about many more advantages, such as being SEO compliant. So what are the disadvantages? Let’s examine them:

Disadvantages Of WordPress:

First comes speed. Because it hosts many add-ons that you don’t use and you don’t use them unless you make them inactive, your website is slower to load.

Then comes the security issue. You may have to fight spam bot attacks. The management panel is also described by some users as difficult to understand. We can say the most complained about feature of the processor more than yorması. Therefore, be sure to ask if your server is suitable for hosting a site in the WordPress infrastructure.

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