What Is E-Mail Marketing?

Electronic marketing is a next-generation form of marketing in which e-mail is used as a kind of direct marketing tool to convey marketing messages to a particular audience. E-mail marketing, especially in Web 2.0, is evolving; it has become a more strategic, measurable, optimized and interoperable digital marketing technique than before.
Why Is Email Marketing Important?
E-mail marketing is a simple and affordable digital marketing channel where you can easily reach your target audience. This allows you to interact easily with your current and potential customers.
Increase your customers ‘ loyalty to your business by sending various e-mails such as discount coupons, e-newsletters, birthday messages.
Email marketing is known as one of the earliest marketing channels, but it still has high potential when used correctly. It is also an indispensable method especially for SMEs due to its low cost.
It introduces your company, products or services in a more appropriate way than most other digital marketing methods. Creating and measuring an email marketing campaign is also relatively simple compared to other marketing channels.
Correct Content In Email Marketing:
Targeting in email marketing is just as important as delivering the right message to your destination. In short, we can call it a message that persuades the recipient in a visual and logical way. That is, everything from the subject area of the text to the introductory sentence, from the style of the message to the images used in the message, should be planned flawlessly. Of course, advanced software is needed for this planning. Specialized training on the software can also be obtained.

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