The $ 3000 Per Share Giant Guide To Making Money From Instagram

Is it really possible to make money off Instagram ? Instagram winners had a bit of money from my research and my reports… Is there really ? Or is this an inflated balloon ? Without ado, I'll answer;

Is it really possible to make money off Instagram ? Instagram winners had a bit of money from my research and my reports…

Is there really ? Or is this an inflated balloon ?

Without ado, I’ll answer;

Yes, it’s possible to make money on Instagram ! From small figures a month to tens of thousands of pounds.

If, how are you so sure ? How do you know ? And if you ask, I want you to know that I know the winners.

I think we know the winners… so we see accounts trying to sell on Instagram… I think I can understand the money made from Instagram… you tell me how they do it, where they start, how much they make.

Not immediately.

# The people I know are using a very different method of making money on Instagram. They don’t sell any products or services.

Let me tell you something else.;

If you know how to make money from Instagram by selling it as the most profitable and well-known method for making money from Instagram, you’re wrong.

But a lot of people, a lot of sites talk about it all the time to make money off Instagram, so they’re wrong, too ?

Yeah, they’re wrong, too.

In this article I guarantee you 3 things;

1-in this article I will not mention that you have to sell things through your instagram account in order to earn money from Instagram. I’m going to talk about more profitable, much less demanding and long-term monetization methods.
2-I’ll show you how to make money from Instagram and the winners with live samples.
3-and I’ll answer your question of how much money is made from Instagram with real figures.

In the name of making money from Instagram, My main titles are as follows:;

> > Monetization System
> > Live Examples
> > How Much Is Earned?
> > Potential Of The System
> > How Many Followers Do You Need?
> > Who Is Advertising?
>> How Do I Find Advertisers?
> > Tricks

Making money off Instagram with Viral ads
This is the most common way to make money from Instagram in the world and in our country. This can be called Making Money by advertising on Instagram, but it is not generally understood by the followers that this ad is advertising.

##How does the system of making money by advertising on #Instagram pee ? Can you show us live samples ? :

Of course I can show you live samples !

Also, you can find and see these examples below using my research method.;

Let’s do this analysis together: for example, let’s start looking at Instagram account civilking, which has 1.2+ million followers and is one of the most widely known in Turkey.

After browsing a few shares of the account, the sharing with the hashtag birdepoda42kmdahafazlayol came to my attention on September 5, 2017. (available at bottom)

This time when I did a search with this hashtag on Instagram, I saw that another account called audiosoup, which has over 700,000 followers, made 3 separate shares with this hashtag. (Again one of them is present at the bottom )

At the same time, civilking account in total with this hashtag did 4 sharing aratmam as a result I have seen. October August September and October are the dates when we look at the dates of the shares for both accounts.

Of course, the fact that the Audiosoup account has used the hashtag bpultimateeurodiesel in the same shares tells us exactly what the share is about, or rather exactly what the advertisement is made of.

The ad is about BP wanting to announce to its potential customers what advantage the fuel it is selling.

##So how much did such an ad pay ? how much money is made from Instagram ? :

#Before I answer this question, let me mention the average numbers I know so that we can generate more or less a figure for these accounts based on the number of followers.

How many followers on Instagram after money is earned or how many followers it takes to earn money on Intagram, such as average questions, I see and experience as much as I can of course with the industry to show the difference;

I know from my own blogger friends that an account with 100,000 followers and high interaction ( 5% to 10% of the number of followers with an average of interacting with comments or likes ) charges between 500 and 1000 TL per share.

By the way: you can see celebrity bloggers from my posts titled Trip blogs – makeup blogs – personal blogs – food blogs – the best blogs.

With this account, we can say that the accounts I mentioned a little earlier at the top received roughly 3500 TL and more per share compared to the number of followers.

###How often can I run ads ? Or what is the number of companies / people willing to advertise ? What is the potential ? :

In fact, this is entirely up to the initiative of the account holder. All accounts adjust this so that it doesn’t bore his followers.

This kind of ad sharing is also done in a multi-way long-term spread. In the BP example above, we saw that the ads spread to 3 months, with 1 share per month in 2 separate accounts.

This frequency also depends a bit on the way the ad fits in with the niche you’re focusing on. In other words, the more compatible an ad is with other shares, the easier it is to go viral and not stand out. Of course, in such cases, the frequency of sharing ads increases.

For example, we can continue our review through the same account (audiosoup).


November 1-6, 2017 – a share made with the visitcopenhagen label. Share content is very close to other shares of the account.

So this is a picture of a house that’s quite attractive, so where’s the publicity ? Don’t say it, I’m moving on. We understand from other ongoing sharing that this is an ad, or even part of a viral ad study
Another share made 2-1 November 2017 with visitcopenhagen label. It is also very relevant to the other shares of the account.
Another share made with the visitcopenhagen label from October 3-22, 2017.
Another share made with the visitcopenhagen label from October 4-17, 2017.
Another share made with the visitcopenhagen label October 5-16, 2017.
Another share made with the visitcopenhagen label from October 6-15, 2017.
A further share made with the visitcopenhagen label from 7 to 14 October 2017.

When we visit Visitcopenhagen’s official instagram page, we see that this is the Official Tourism Office / Organisation for the Danish Capital Region.

This office is probably putting viral ads on Instagram accounts that have too many followers to promote Copenhagen.


Instagram instagram with this hashtag, and when I look at the shares made hundreds of thousands of followers, that is, the influencer effect of the world-famous Instagram accounts are also able to see the shares.

(What Influencer means: people who are basically influenced by what their followers or readers think, write or share, who value their referrals, are respected, trendsetters, trusted )

Here’s one of those shares and the Instagram account that’s sharing it.

Again, audiosoup instagram account for the number of followers for Copenhagen compared to the number of viral ads for an average number of poured, a figure such as 3,500 TL per share, assuming that a figure of roughly 31,500 TL for a total of 9 shares can say that he has won.

I can understand how an account that appeals to such a large audience, which has the power to make an impressive impression on the audience it addresses, can make such a number.

But it is very difficult for me to reach these numbers of followers, a dream ! don’t think.

##How many followers does it take to make money off #Instagram ? How many followers do you make money after ? :

Whether you have 1,000 followers or 500,000, if you have a high rate of interaction, an influencer influence on the audience you appeal to, it’s impossible not to make money off Instagram.

Yes, you can make money with a 1,000 followers, with a 10,000 followers !

The number of followers only affects your monetization rate. It doesn’t stop you from getting an ad offer. A firm that advertises on an account with a 700,000+ followers also advertises on an instagram account with 50,000 followers.

For example;

Again, based on the audiosoup Account I can give the following examples of advertising;

On January 17, 2017, a bag / suitcase brand was advertised in the following share.

When I do a search with the #mosaferturkiye tag in this ad, the following sharing of the account named gezin_kutubaligi and the following sharing of the account named tadindaseyahat turns out to be.

Both of these accounts are accounts of traveler bloggers with approximately 50k followers. While the number of followers is much smaller than audiosoup, it’s still proof that they have the potential to make money off Instagram, and they’re doing it.


700.000 + people followers account company per share when asking for 3500+ TL
50,000 + people followers of the account at the beginning of the company wants figures between 250-500 TL.

So just the amount varies in proportion to the same number of followers.

I also want you to know that these assumptions apply to instagram accounts that have a certain interaction rate. So you have 10,000 followers how many of them like sharing or comment when they make a share ?

If you do not have a nice rate of interaction (5%, over 10%) if you want to get 1 million followers. In no way will you find a suitor to advertise your account.

###So which companies, who are advertising these instagram accounts ? How do they contact us or how do I contact advertisers ?

In fact, the number of companies that do not advertise on social media nowadays is almost nonexistent. Therefore, you have an Instagram account which is aimed at whatever sector, surely an advertising company or person will come out.

Because now the most effective ads are made via social media accounts called influencers, which have an impressive role on this audience, with a loyal following in the viral way.

That’s how times work now.

Of course the numbers can vary according to a single sector. If you have any ingtagram accounts for a sector where the profit margin and competition are high and that can remove the relevance of the ads in this sector to your account, the numbers earned will of course be much higher than in other sectors.

If we continue with the examples of people who make money from Intagram, I will prove that by showing them with live examples.

Let’s continue by browsing the shares of tadindaseyahat instagram account, for example. On November 4, 2017, the following share was advertised as komili olive oil.

Instagram instagram instagram is a very famous instagram account to find out which other accounts of the company has made ads on the share of tadindaseyahat account gives the #komiligurme tag arattımda Instagram shares with the same label I see.

Here you can examine the shares one by one.

I think Komili organized an organization in Ayvalik and invited all the owners of these instagram accounts to this organization.

Of course, I am sure that the participants paid both the per share fee and the road and accommodation costs were covered.

Accounts sharing this label include food blogs, celebrity chefs, trip blogs, professional photographers. I think this is a good example of how every niche can do business in the name of making money from Instagram.

Fitness, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, technology, automativ, literature etc. like there are dozens or even hundreds of sectors.

# Instagram in the world of making money in the name of how a trade turns, how things progress, how ads are made, just as I examined above, you can follow a rope that you have caught step by step and bring the rest like a sock ripped, you can do your own analysis.

All you have to do is wonder what is targeted with each share ? This could be an advertisement to look with the eye. When you think like that about each share, make sure that you can easily see what is advertising and what is not.

### As for the question of how advertisers find you;

If you’re big enough, there’s no need to make any effort to find brands. They will find it as long as you keep a communication channel open (email address or official website)..

However, no matter what level of awareness and the size of your audience, anyone who wants to advertise on me already comes and finds me, you should definitely take action on behalf of marketing yourself.

Also, don’t stop looking at other instagram accounts that are in the niche you focus on and have captured a certain power. Because a brand has contacted it for advertising, made a study, and has not contacted you for a similar study.,

This is probably due to the brand not being aware of you. Therefore, if you communicate with the brand at this point and inform them that they can do their advertising work under the same conditions as you, you will have the opportunity to get advertising for yourself, that is, you will have the opportunity to market yourself.

Of course, not limited to just this. The firm’s addressable product in a way that suits your niche and make a viral ad, I can sell, thinking that it makes sense at the point that you find and implement these ideas, you can contact the firm by convincing them about your idea, the more money you can pour.

For example,

You are a travel blog writer, but also with the organic power of your blog you have captured a serious audience of followers on Instagram, you have become an influencer

Instagram sharing a tent sold by a brand in a way that goes viral thinking about how to market, the brand, tent and how to share marketing after deciding to design the brand, you can talk about this idea and marketing yourself in this way this idea is money kurtabilrisiniz.

Just like this example.

Tricks For Making Money From Instagram
We examined the answers to questions such as how to make money from Instagram and how much to make. But we didn’t get to the real question.

#So how can you follow a way to make money from Instagram ? How can you grow your account and gain followers ?

No one can give you a clear answer to that.

The one who gives will do it himself. This is a very important point, and the one who does this job does not share this secret with anyone.

Because people are really making money out of this, on Instagram. Who wants to split the money they make and become the money they make over time ?

But when I look at his accounts, which make money from Instagram and have a serious following, there are, of course, a few solid tips that I can offer you.

1-these people are doing high quality productions that will attract the attention of the masses that they focus on seriously. So you have to ask yourself first, is there any area where I can make quality productions ?

2-these people generally do not move through a single channel. If you are a traveler, you will definitely have to blog this person in addition to your instagram account. With the blog posts, Google organic traffic, this organic traffic is placed on the site with the Instagram follow buttons to become a follower.

Or a person who shares on eating and drinking also necessarily writes a food blog or does something additional in this area again on YouTube.

Also, many instagram accounts that focus on the cosmetics industry are also making serious quality productions that have won the popularity of the audiences they appeal to via youtube.

I’m saying;

If you want to make money off Instagram, don’t just give your focus to Instagram. Open a blog too. Write, get traffic from Google, with this traffic you get, with what you write, introduce yourself to people, popularize and get followers through your blog.

You will also make your blog your official platform and turn it into a corporate address where companies will contact you. A lot of instagram accounts that I’ve observed are definitely a website.

#In the meantime, I told you how to open a blog in my article titled How to open a blog. As you might think, opening a blog does not require coding knowledge or any technical knowledge. And the mality is very low.

In addition, make video productions at Yotube again. Again Instagram followers who find you organically on YouTube with the quality video productions you make to endear yourself and these people by directing people through your videos again make them Instagram followers.

Also remember to ignore social media platforms such as snapchat, twitter, facebook.

Never go through a single channel !

3-If you can, I say attempt a project that appeals to the world, not to Turkey. Believe me, if you get the job done and have an account with beautiful worldwide follower numbers, making money from Instagram will come to a much different point than your domestic competitors, and the money you will earn will be enormously folded.

You don’t have to have perfect English for this job. There are also many sectors where universal language applies. Like photography, music, comedy. You should also think on them.

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